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Essex County District Attorney

Unbiased/Non-politically influenced endorsements from: The Lynn Police Union, The Lawrence Eagle Tribune, The Salem Evening News, Gloucester Times, His peers in the Jewish Law Journal.                            As well as Bruins Legends Rick Middleton and Terry O'Reilly.

Bruins legends Rick Middleton and #24 Terry O'Reilly fighting for O'Shea for DA


Lynn Police and Court Officers Statewide Endorsement




The Essex County District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of criminal offenses within all thirty-four cities and towns of Essex County.  As such, the District Attorney must possess a deep understanding of the practice of criminal law, the court system, and the people who work within the court system in Essex County.  

James has served as an attorney practicing criminal law within Essex County and the surrounding counties for the past twenty-four years.  During that time, James has represented thousands of clients and has worked closely with countless first responders, court personnel, assistant district attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, and judges through the trial of hundreds of criminal cases.  James is well-known and respected by these people, and he fully understands the intricate details of the jobs they perform, as well as the fact that they are all crucial to the criminal justice system in Essex County.  

Throughout his legal career, James has personally observed a variety of policies, practices and procedures implemented by District Attorneys throughout Massachusetts.  Based upon his first-hand experience, he will develop and implement the best policies, practices, and procedures in the Essex County District Attorney’s Office to ensure that all cases are prosecuted fairly and effectively.  In addition, James will take steps to retain and recruit the most talented prosecutors to ensure the conviction of violent and dangerous criminals for the safety of our community.    


James O’Shea humbly asks for your vote on September 6th so that he can apply his knowledge and experience to continue to move the Essex County District Attorney’s Office forward with a high degree of competence, fairness, and fresh perspective.

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